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1 {{velocity}}
2 $xwiki.ssx.use("Download.WebHome")
3 $xwiki.ssx.use("Download.DownloadForm")
4 {{/velocity}}
6 {{html clean="false"}}<div class="download-options minimal-space">
7 <div class="col-xs-12 download-container download-option border-blue">
8 <div class="download-icon fill-blue">
9 <span class="fa fa-cloud"></span>
10 </div>
11 <h3>Cloud and Hosted</h3>
12 <p>Professional Cloud and Hosted offers are available from our companies sponsoring contributions to the XWiki Open Source Project:</p>
13 <div class="list-group cloudOffers">
14 <span class="list-group-item">
15 <span class="badge noitems">11 committers</span>
16 <h4 class="list-group-item-heading"><a href="">XWiki SAS</a></h4>
17 <p>Host with us and get your wiki up and running in no time, in a stable and secure environment. </p>
18 <a href="" class="btn btn-primary" id="tryCloudButton">XWiki Cloud running XWiki 13.10.4</a><br/>
19 </span>
20 </div>
21 <div class="noitems">{{/html}}See the full list of [[sponsoring companies>>Main.Supporters.SponsoringCompanies]] for XWiki?{{html clean="false"}} </div>
22 </div>
23 <div class="col-xs-12 download-container download-option border-cyan">
24 <div class="download-icon fill-cyan">
25 <span class="fa fa-clock-o"></span>
26 </div>
27 <h3>Playground</h3>
28 <p>Playground is a test instance on that you can use in order to discover some of XWiki's features.</p>
29 <p class="noitems">Note that the wiki is unmoderated and its content is reset automatically every day.</p>
30 <div>
31 <a href="" id="tryPlaygroundButton" class="btn btn-info">
32 Try demo
33 </a>
34 </div>
35 </div>
36 <div class="col-xs-12 download-container download-option border-green">
37 <div class="download-icon fill-green">
38 <span class="fa fa-sitemap"></span>
39 </div>
40 <h3></h3>
41 <p> is a community farm dedicated to non-profit organisations and individuals.</p>
42 <p class="noitems">Note that this instance is meant as a real world test instance and there is no uptime and support warranty of any sort. Also you won't be granted Programming Rights on it.</p>
43 <div>
44 <a href="" id="tryMyXWikiButton" class="btn btn-success">
45 Request
46 </a>
47 </div>
48 </div>
49 </div>{{/html}}
51 (% class="noitems" %)You can also [[download and install>>Download.WebHome]] XWiki on premises.

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